Should I Use The Emulator or Testnet?

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The choice between using the Flow Emulator and Flow Testnet depends on the stage of your development process.

The Flow Emulator is a local, lightweight, and standalone version of the Flow blockchain designed for testing and development purposes. It allows you to develop, test, and debug smart contracts and apps without having to interact with the mainnet or testnet. This makes it easier and faster to iterate on your development process. You can simply erase the entire chain and start again on the emulator. It's recommended to do most of your development against a local emulator (source).

Flow Testnet is Flow's official testing and development network. It provides a staging and testing environment for dApp developers. It's used to test software and smart contracts against a live network. It's recommended to deploy to Testnet when your Smart Contracts are finalized.

In summary, use the Flow Emulator for initial development and testing, and Flow Testnet for final testing and staging before deploying to Flow Mainnet.

For more information refer to our Flow documentation on The Flow Emulator & Flow Testnet