What are Access Node URLs for Mainnet?

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The Access Node URL for Flow Mainnet can be found below. This URL is used to access the network and interact with it.



For example, if you're using the Flow Go SDK, you can access the network like this:

import "github.com/onflow/flow-go-sdk/client"

func main() {
flowAccessAddress := "access.mainnet.nodes.onflow.org:9000"
flowClient, _ := client.New(flowAccessAddress, grpc.WithInsecure())
// ...

If you're using the Swift SDK, you can configure it to use on Mainnet like this:

let accessAPI = Flow.GRPCAccessAPI(chainID: .mainnet)!
let chainID = Flow.ChainID.mainnet
flow.configure(chainID: chainID, accessAPI: accessAPI)


Please note that these are examples and the actual implementation may vary based on your specific use case.