How to unstake access nodes

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To unstake an Access node in the Flow network, you can follow these steps:

1. Submit a request to unstake your tokens. If the tokens aren't staked yet, they will be uncommitted and available to withdraw. You can use the Request Unstaking transaction for this. Note that this transaction will not succeed if the node operator has delegators and the request would put the node operator below the minimum required tokens staked for their node type. In such a case, use the Unstake All transaction instead, which will also unstake all delegators.

2. If you want to unstake all your tokens, you can use the Unstake All FLOW transaction. This will unstake all of your staked tokens and unstake all of the tokens from users that are delegating FLOW to the node.

3. After unstaking, the tokens will be held by the central staking contract until the end of the following epoch. Once the tokens are released (unstaked), they can be claimed via the Withdraw Unstaked Tokens action.

4. If the node after migration will be using new staking or networking keys, then it needs to be unstaked and then re-staked with the new keys. You can unstake the node via Flow Port and register the new node via Flow Port with the new staking information. Run the new node with the new keys and network address. It should be able to join the network at the next epoch. Read here for more information. 

*Please note that unstaking a node will result in the node not earning rewards for the next epoch. Delegators to the old node will have their tokens unstaked automatically. They will also stop earning rewards unless they withdraw their unstaked tokens and delegate them to a different node.